Dashcam Car Monitoring

Dashcam Dual

Road and Cab Recording and non-stop car monitoring.  The product mainly consists of two physical camera units.  Firstly, the master unit is the front view analogue camera and secondly, the slave unit is the cab view IP camera.

What makes this device very practical is automatic car monitoring.   ONCE THE ENGINE IS TURNED ON THE DASH CAM SYSTEM WILL BEGIN RECORDING UNTIL THE ENGINE IS TURNED OFF. It can do continuous recordings, up to 24 hours.  The recorded footage is available to view in real-time.  It can be archived, uploaded to the cloud and accessed remotely.
• High-resolution IP camera.  The CMOS camera sensor delivers high-quality video footage even at low light with the aid of infrared light
• Live real-time streaming in various formats to mobile phones and devices via WIFI, Bluetooth and 3G/4G/LTE
• Continuous video recording on a 256 GB SD card
• Recording starts automatically once the engine is turned on and stops when turned off
• Wide-angle 110-degree lens that can view up to four lanes (CMOS, 1080P, 0.001 lux,2.6mm lens)
• Audio.  Clear quality sound
• Support IP voice intercom