Mobicam’s MDVR M5 offers up to eight AHD camera channels as well as four channels that support IP cameras.   In short, the main features are:

• Supports eight AHD camera channels and four IP Camera channels
• Supports 2.5″ 2TB hard disk storage and SD card for mirror recording
• Supports dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission
• Internal GPS for location tracking
• Built-in 3G/4G and Wifi for live view and remote management
• Dual sim card slots

• PC track playback, alarm linkage and GPS location tracking as well as GPS playback is standard on all our MDVR’s


The MDVR M5 is a powerful Hybrid Digital Video Recorder with all the functionality of a dashcam solution and all the power of mobile video surveillance.  Its dual sim, SD card and mirror recording options with cloud management give you the versatility needed for large fleet management.