Mobile DVR M-Range Fleet Management Software

Streamline your fleet with advanced integrations enabled by our Video Management Platform. The client software brings your fleet footage and telematics data together.
▪ Stand-alone application
▪ Live Stream: Live View of Map – Video or Video and Map Simultaneously
▪ Playback via: Mobiserv – HDD – Directory or Export Data to Evidence as AVI
▪ Evidence Tab: Playback as well as Evidence Report
▪ System Management function
▪ Downloadable to: Local PC or Auto Download to Server
▪ Alarm: Query – Manage Configure Alarm settings

Advantages gained from using the M-range Mobicam System Software:
▪ Improved data accuracy and transparency to drivers and Fleet Managers
▪ Provision of real-time data to enable transport operators to respond immediately to breaches and furthermore monitor performance over time
▪ Enabling drivers to plan work and rest breaks, and take action when alerted to an imminent or actual breach