MDVR Mocam-Range Fleet Management Software

The Mocam system can monitor up to 100000 vehicles, processing their GPS information and simultaneously with no delay locating and tracking any of the vehicles.
It produces a real-time status display of your vehicle. It shows statistics of its online status and number.
This client software operates in real-time through audio and video monitoring. It offers a two-way talkback, broadcast function, and supports iPhone or ANDROID mobile remote monitoring

1. 3G/LTE/Wifi network live view
2. Shows the vehicle, GPS, alarm, log information clearly
3. PTZ control and MDVR remote configuration
4. Remote record
5. Supports download and playback video file
6. Vehicle management
7. Database supported and GPS route playback
8. Supports to export the report
9. Different user-level management
10. Driver behavior analysis
11. Alarm management and evidence reporting