Driver Status Monitor

The Driver Status Monitor Camera can be used internally on any vehicle including trucks, panel vans, busses, cars and public transport.  This IP Camera features the following:

• Supports an IPC resolution of 1080 pixels by 720 pixels
• An IP54-rated waterproof and dustproof design
• Driver recognition technology detects the following and issues an alarm in every case:
– Phone Usage – driver calling detection alarm
– Real-time Smoking – driver smoking detection alarm
– Driver fatigue alarm
– Distraction detection and warning
– Driver abnormal alarm (when there is no driver or driver does not sit at the right place)


The Driver Status Monitor IP Camera is the principal part of the Drivers Status Monitoring System which is a tailored solution crafted to your needs.  Ideal as part of a car or vehicle fleet tracking system and onboard AI driver assistance and monitoring solution.