ADAS System

Mobicam’s Active Driver Assistance System is an active driving assistant that helps the driver in key ways together with the R-Watch.  The R-Watch is a Driver Warning Display and can be installed inside the car to provide the driver with a real-time aided driving information display, combined with sound alerts and warnings.

• Lane departure warning system
Lane departure warning alerts you that your car is about to veer out of lane and the R-Watch warns you to get back into lane. This unit employs a low-cost camera mounted in the windshield near the rear view mirror that continuously watches the striped and solid lane markings of the road ahead.
• Front collision warning
Forward collision warning systems warn you of an impending collision by detecting stopped or slowly moved vehicles ahead of your vehicle. As the current distance is less than the pre-set time threshold, the R-Watch will warn the driver with sound & icon alarm. Forward collision warning use radar, lasers, or cameras to scan the road ahead while you drive.
• Distance monitoring
The ADAS camera can detect the ahead vehicle in real-time during driving. And the R-Watch will show the distance to the ahead vehicles in meters.
• Pedestrian detection
Cameras look for objects in the path of the car, and some look for people that may cross in front of the vehicle. When there are pedestrians in front of the vehicle, the R-Watch will remind the driver with sound & icon warning. The radar sends a radio wave out and measures the time it takes to bounce off an object and return. Some pedestrian detection systems work in cooperation with automatic emergency braking systems, which automatically apply brakes when a driver doesn’t react in time


The ADAS system is the principal part of the AI Advanced Driver Assistance System which is a tailored Active Safety solution crafted to your needs to assist your driver and enhance vehicle fleet safety.  Essential in a car or vehicle fleet managing system and onboard AI driver assistance and monitoring solution.