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Enhanced vehicle monitoring with Real-time LTE connection 3G/4G.

AI-Powered Fleet & Asset Management

Intelligent noticing that enables informed management of mobile assets.

Advanced Integrations

Conclude operations insights with an integrated software platform

Advanced Integrations

Vehicle Fleet Monitoring Systems in action on Integrated Software…

Vehicle fleet monitoring software depiction.  Mobicam, Africa
Software integration

Everything in the palm of your hand

Mobicam enables you to keep everything in the palm of your hand by networking your valuable fleet of vehicles under one digital umbrella.  This is achieved by smart integration software which is designed to monitor your mobile assets. Instantly track and locate the movements of your fleet with GPS and 4G systems along with real-time video surveillance logging.

Mobile DVR is the central main hub of vehicle fleet monitoring systems where all the valuable video camera footage is recorded.  Instrumental to protect you when false claims are made in case of an accident. The real-time data and visibility impact any fleet operation especially with the added potential to eliminate the root causes of driver behaviour.

Mobile Digital Video Recorders (Mobile DVR or MDVR)

MDVR M5 is a eight to twelve camera solution. Mobicam

Camera Configurations

A depiction showing multi-camera solutions. Mobicam, Africa.
Two to six camera options

Car security cameras are combined to form a strong hedge of eyes around a vehicle fleet, which are connected to an MDVR for video logging and live streaming when necessary.  This system makes it possible for distance asset monitoring, giving the company a hands-on grip on the fleet and assurance that all its mobile assets and operators are safe

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The most important and utilised camera setup is the dual dashboard camera which consists of a road-facing camera and a driver-facing camera.  The automatic and continuous recording features are handy.


Security car fleet management and dashcam driver assist depictions. Mobicam, Africa

Great success has been reached in collecting & processing environmental data inside and outside a vehicle through various onboard sensors. The outcome is a stable platform that has been created which is a necessary ingredient for reliable asset management.

Telematics empower

Supervise the safety of your drivers with modern technology that assists them 24/7 in the challenges and dangers they face on the road.  Keeping a safe vehicle distance and avoiding vehicle lane departure will eliminate costly accidents and loss of manpower.


Our Active Safety System uncovers underlying driving habits and behaviour, which will improve human resource management, effective planning and save costs.  This is made possible by keeping a real-time log on alertness and assisting them with the Active Safety System.

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