Van & Truck Fleet Management for the Logistics Industry

Fleet Monitoring Needs

Press through to greater fleet control

Logistics and its pursuance of how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination can be exhausting. How resources are handled and moved along the supply chain is of utmost importance and requires planning and monitoring to keep business booming. Mobicam’s LDV and truck fleet management solutions will help you gain greater control and see better results.

LDV and truck fleet management reporting depiction. Mobicam, Africa
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With Location Monitoring, you can see your fleet activity in real-time. You can zoom in on the vehicle that you want to monitor and get a real-time status display.

• Instant remote fleet visibility with a location map view
• Monitor activity in the given geographic locations
• Smart camera views provide instant visibility. View your vehicle, cargo and driver.

LDV and truck fleet management cargo supervising. Mobicam, Africa
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Manage efficient delivery and maintain compliance with full visibility into vehicles and drivers, including location data. Ensure sensitive cargo is transported safely and in compliance with the law. Perform real-time vehicle inspections and maintain driver performance.

Empower your business with the data you need to manage smartly and ensure you always have the insights needed to protect your valuable cargo.

LDV and truck fleet management depiction of driver communication. Mobicam, Africa
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If your drivers are central to your business, a high driver replacement ratio can strain company growth and profit. Keep your good drivers and encourage confidence on the road and self-actualisation.

Simplifying dispatching and feeding real-time navigation alternatives keeps your driver confident and delivery goals on schedule. The use of two-way talk-back and broadcast telematics keeps teamwork clear of misunderstanding and gives you added peace of mind.

LDV and truck fleet management ADAS depiction. Mobicam, Africa
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In the Logistics Industry compliance is always foremost in the CEO’s mind especially when it comes to trucking transport. A GPS system enables confidence in your fleet’s compliance and provides valuable data.

Meet the requirements of your business with key insights into what is happening with your trucks at any moment.

LDV and truck fleet management Dashcam, DSM and ADAS depiction. Mobicam, Africa
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No more energy and time going into figuring things out and guessing. See only the footage and data that matters with our powerful dashcam’s real-time recording of driving and built-in driver behaviour and performance evidence.
• Speeding
• Distracted and drowsy driving
• Stop-sign and red-light violations
• Tailgating

Rest assured knowing your fleet is protected from fraudulent insurance claims. Smart data and footage that offers at-fault detection and alerts.

Get the most out of your Truck Surveillance System

Our regular Truck Platform configuration

• A 3 to 4 Camera System – Road-facing camera and Infrared Cab facing camera with audio
• A Bin / Fuel Tank view camera with Infrared. A 5th camera can be added.
• A four-channel MDVR with 1Tb HDD
• Built-in Driver Behaviour
• GPS for location tracking
• 3G/4G for live view, tracking and video event downloads
• Mobile live streaming and tracking app
• Video download and management software

Pedestrian detection as part of LDV and truck fleet management solutions. Mobicam, Africa
Pedestrian detection

Truck Monitoring Systems can be configured to meet a wide variety of truck fleet managing challenges, see what features are helping our customers thrive in the three most common areas.


For truck fleet management our vehicle fleet monitoring systems are crafted with Active Safety as a top priority. Learn the key safety features that can start protecting your fleet today.

  • Alerts for harsh driving behaviour
  • Danger warnings
  • Follow distance alerts.
  • Pedestrian detection.
  • Front collision warning.


Apart from contending for safety, complying does not only save on time and money but it also makes good business sense. Establish customer trust and brand loyalty. Our vehicle fleet monitoring systems can help you avoid fines and penalties.

  • Preventative driver assistance alerts
  • Distance compliance
  • Recorded footage for supervising and driver coaching
  • Avoid violations, penalties, and driver discipline.


Fleet owners need more visibility into operations to ensure efficiency. With our fleet management systems, you can leverage per mile fluctuating revenues and profits.

  • Remote visibility puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • Digital proof of delivery in real-time.
  • Optimize routing and measure Wait Times at Depots.
  • Have full control over your fleet from the comfort of your office.