Car Fleet Monitoring for the Service/Speciality Trades

Efficiency In Your Hands

Take Control of Service Delivery

In the service delivery industry, valuable products or resources and hard-won customers are instrumental to your profit. Late order arrivals, damaged products, and stressed resources like livestock build a reputation every business owner wants to avoid. Mobicam’s driver- and car monitoring solutions make use of the latest in driver assistance, monitoring and video surveillance to help you stay competitive while addressing in-time delivery, cargo surveillance and livestock protection.

Build a reliable service team

Car fleet monitoring depiction. Mobicam, Africa
View format is dependent on device in use and product-configuration. Artist’s representation.

When the challenges you encounter with routes and customer needs throws you into stressful approximations, the ability to monitor vehicle-, consignment-, and driver status, as well as making informed decisions without back- and forth communications between the team and the remote office are crucial.

Monitor your fleet activity in real-time, and ensure that your service team are on time and execute their daily orders. With dashcam and vehicle cameras you can have us configure the ultimate visibility tool for your fleet, products and/or resources.

• Instant remote fleet visibility with a location map view
• Monitor activity in the given geographic locations
• Smart camera views provide instant visibility. View your vehicles, product consignment or resources like livestock in real-time.

Depiction: Car fleet monitoring and the services trades. Mobicam, Africa.

Traffic incidents, customer cancellations and service team breaks causes an unpredictable fleet flow between various customer locations throughout every day.

Your ability to monitor your fleet and have full visibility into vehicle locations as well as communicate with your drivers enables you to reduce many unknowns and accomplish more on-time arrivals. Ensure that your valuable products, resources or livestock are transported safely and arrive unharmed.

With instant access to your fleet’s status, you have the information to your exposure to update customers of late deliveries instantly and retain customer satisfaction even in the midst of a traffic- or breakdown crisis. Happier customers and more satisfied employees.

Depiction:  Car fleet monitoring for the services trades with driver assistance. Mobicam, Africa.
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Improve Safety – Both your consignment and service team are central to your business. With driver status monitoring you can supervise your team and gain valuable insight into their ability to focus on their task. Utilize your service team according to their strong points and boost confidence, while eliminating performance spongers.

Feeding real-time navigation alternatives, performing vehicle check-ups and maintaining team performance and confidence is key to protecting consignments and customer relations.

With the added Active Safety Driver Assistance, drivers have extra ‘eyes’ on the road to help them monitor unlawful lane departures, blind spots, nearby pedestrians and follow distance.

Depiction:  Car fleet monitoring and the services trades. Mobicam, Africa.
View format is dependent on device in use and product-configuration. Artist’s representation.

With precious consignments as your ‘cargo’ compliance preventing accidents and emergencies are crucial for the speciality and service trades. A GPS system enables confidence in your fleet’s compliance and consignment’s safety.

Valuable evidence protects your company and drivers against false claims and reduces insurance premiums. Active deterring camera surveillance dissuades crime and maintains authority in your absence.

Car fleet monitoring depiction. Mobicam, Africa
View format is dependent on device in use and product-configuration. Artist’s representation.

No more energy and time going into figuring things out and guessing. See only the footage and data that matters with our powerful dashcam’s real-time recording of driving as well as built-in driver behaviour and performance evidence.
• Speeding
• Distracted and drowsy driving
• Stop-sign and red-light violations
• Tailgating

Rest assured knowing your fleet is protected from fraudulent insurance claims. Smart data and footage that offers at-fault detection and alerts.

Get the most out of your Car Fleet Monitoring System

Our regular LDV Monitoring Platform configuration

• A 2 to 3 Camera System consisting of Road-facing camera and Infrared Cab facing camera with audio (Additional camera can be added for load bin)
• 4 Channel MDVR with 1Tb HDD
• Built-in Driver Behaviour
• GPS for location tracking
• 3G/4G for live view, tracking and video event downloads
• Mobile live streaming and tracking app
• Video download and management software

Car fleet monitoring depiction in the services trades. Mobicam, Africa

Car fleet Monitoring Systems can be configured to meet a wide variety of monitoring challenges in the Speciality and ServiceTrades.


For the Service and Speciality Trades, our car fleet monitoring systems makes instant remote visibility possible and enable managers to improve service delivery by providing real-time updates on delivery or appointment status.

  • Remote visibility puts you in the driver’s seat
  • Digital proof of consignment status
  • Optimize routing and meet expectations with improved customer interactions
  • Have full control over your fleet from the comfort of your office