Transit and Security Car fleet Management

Manage Competence

Maintain Safety While Keeping Safe

Personnel and communities are central to your operations and their safety as well as the protection of sensitive data is core. Pinpoint the issues that eat away at your productivity and causes unnecessary public scrutiny and let our driver and car fleet management and surveillance solutions help you manage your human resources.

Build a competent emergency team

Security car fleet management and dashcam depictions. Mobicam, Africa
View format is dependent on device in use and product-configuration. Artist’s representation.

With Location Monitoring, you can see your fleet activity in real-time. You can zoom in on the vehicle that you want to monitor and get a real-time status display.

• Instant remote fleet visibility with a location map view
• Monitor activity in the given geographic locations
• Smart camera views provide instant visibility. View your vehicle, cargo and driver.

Security car fleet management and Advance Driver Assistance depictions. Mobicam, Africa
Advanced Driver Assistance – Lane departure detection

Manage efficient transit and surveillance with full visibility into vehicles and drivers, including location data. Ensure sensitive resources are handled with safety and in compliance with the law. Perform real-time vehicle inspections and maintain driver and guard performance.

Empower your Security Team or Department with the data you need to manage smartly and ensure you always have the insights needed to make quality decisions and eliminate team weakening.

Security car fleet management and dashcam depictions. Mobicam, Africa
Artist’s representation

EMERGENCIES: With emergencies happening at any moment of the day, your security team’s condition is a constant concern. Their top functioning is crucial for their own safety but also for the community they function in.

Driver assistance during emergency situations can be of utmost value and actively assist a driver under immense stress
• Blindspot detection
• Too close proximity detection
• Front collision warning
• Lane deviation
Detecting driver fatigue can help you avoid putting the wrong teammate behind the wheel in a sensitive situation.

Driving while bringing about safety in communities is part of what your team are doing constantly.
Accessing insights into bad habits make sense and is part of what makes goal attaining possible and protects your workforce:
• Detect unnecessary overspeeding
• Detect seatbelt violations
• Detect unnecessary traffic light violations
• Detect unnecessary dangerous lane changing
• Detect distracted driving

Security car fleet management and dashcam with ADAS driver assist depictions. Mobicam, Africa
Advanced Driver Assistance and Dashcam coverage

In the security field, evidence is crucial whether you work for the government or security business. Security car fleet monitoring with a centralised GPS system and in-vehicle camera surveillance system enables the ability to produce evidence when it comes to that but also boosts confidence in team progress and protection.

Develop key insights into what is happening with your security teams and vehicles at any moment. When an accident or safety incident occurs, you’ll know exactly what happened thanks to fully-integrated dashboard cameras and real-time alerts.

Security car fleet management and dashcam driver assist depictions. Mobicam, Africa
View format is dependent on device in use and product-configuration. Artist’s representation.

Make investigations easier and see the footage and data that matters with our powerful dashcam’s real-time recording of driving and driving incidents. Get an active safety system that assists your road teams in emergency situations with real-time alerts and warnings.
• Real-time driver assistance
• Detect bad driving habits with real-time driver monitoring
• Avoid violations and penalties
• Video logging of driving incidents

Rest assured knowing your fleet is protected from fraudulent insurance claims or unfair scrutinising. Smart data and footage that offers at-fault detection and alerts.

Get the most out of your Security Car Surveillance System

Our regular Car Monitoring Platform configuration

• A 2 to 3 Camera System – Road-facing camera and Infrared Cab facing camera with audio (Additional camera can be added for rearview)
• 4 Channel MDVR with 1Tb HDD
• Built-in Driver Behaviour
• GPS for location tracking
• 3G/4G for live view, tracking and video event downloads
• Mobile live streaming and tracking app
• Video download and management software

Security car fleet management and dashcam with ADAS driver assist depictions. Mobicam, Africa
Camera security coverage and AI proximity detection

Security Car Fleet Management Systems can be configured to meet a wide variety of car monitoring challenges, see what features are helping our customers thrive in the three most common areas.

Emergency competence

Equip your security team with a fleet monitoring system that assists them with Active Safety Alerts and ensure they are prepared and backed up during challenging emergencies. Learn the key safety features that can start protecting your fleet today.

  • Alerts for harsh driving behaviour
  • Danger warnings
  • Follow distance alerts
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Front collision warning
  • Video logging of on-road emergency incidents


Your drivers are also guards and functions with an array of responsibilities around them. Boost their on-road confidence with practical emergency coaching and debriefing based on logged accounts as well as real-time alerts.

  • Preventative alerts and instant driver assistance
  • Distance compliance
  • Recorded footage for supervising and driver coaching
  • Avoid violations and prevent accidents.

remote team backup

The peace of mind knowing a remote team can access their whereabouts goes a long way in keeping your team focussed and efficient. How your department or security business meet security challenges and bring protection is what makes you successful.

  • Remote visibility puts you in the driver’s seat
  • Digital proof of security incidents and how it was handled
  • Optimize routing and feed your team with real-time updates into sensitive situations
  • Alert risky or unsafe behaviours such as sharp cornering, rapid acceleration, and too harsh braking