AI Active Driving Assist

Leave nothing to chance

The Mobicam AI Active Driving Assist is based on telematics devices and is configured into an active safety system that helps you to record driver behaviour, enforce important road regulations and prevent road accidents while at the same time assisting your driver.

The AI Active Safety System is a vital component of our vehicle fleet monitoring systems and mainly consists of the ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DSM (Driver Status Monitor).

AI Active Driving Assist depiction of forward collision detection. Mobicam, Africa.
Forward Collision Warning (ADAS system)

Empower your In-vehicle Video Data

AI collects peripheral information and actively display it to you after analysing the data.

AI Active Driving Assist depiction of driver fatigue monitoring. Mobicam, Africa.
Driver Fatigue Detections (DSM) configured with IVMS software on a remote mobile client

Guard, guide and monitor your people, mobile assets and operations

With real-time alerts, instant remote visibility, automated video logging, asset monitoring and a powerful software interface you’ll always have the means to guard, monitor and guide your fleet. Whether you need to create a culture of safety for your company, empower management with real-time data and easy digital workflows, build a reliable workforce or specialised team, and/or streamline emergency operations.

AI Active Driving Assist depiction of pedestrian detection. Mobicam, Africa.
Driver Pedestrian Detection (ADAS system) showing on a display screen in the dashboard area of the vehicle

Reliable service team

Maintain your service team performance and boost confidence.

The ADAS System

Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS system - AI Active Driving Assist. Mobicam, Africa.
The ADAS System

Extra Eyes on the Road

With driving assist and the ADAS system, you have extra eyes on the road that supports the driver in his/her task and alleviate the pressure on noticing challenging blind spots,

remembering lane compliance and following at a safe distance. Lane departure detection is a brilliant feature of this system and helps prevent accidents because lane deviation increases the probability of a collision.
The Safe Distance Warning will alert the driver to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. While constantly monitoring front vehicles, it will send a voice warning to the driver when needed, and in so doing reduce the probability of collision.

lane departure detection • forward collision detection • close proximity detection • blind spot detection • pedestrian detection

AI Active Driving Assist depiction of driver distraction monitoring. Mobicam, Africa.


Driver Status Monitoring

The driver monitoring system is an instrumental telematics device for the monitoring of driving behaviour. With its face recognition intelligence, it can distinguish whether the driver is in a good state or not.

Icons: AI active driving assist and monitoring. Mobicam, Africa.

Driver fatigue and driver distraction are some of the main causes of accidents.


With the ability to detect a driver’s yawning behaviour and analyse a driver’s eyes to determine whether the driver is in a state of fatigue, DSM can help to prevent accidents.


furthermore, it can also detect driver distraction which includes ‘spotting’ the closing of eyes, ‘noticing’ driver distraction, and ‘identifying’ driver absence.


In some contexts, smoking while driving can pose life-threatening dangers, and in such situation, the smoking detection function of the DSM are vital to helping eliminate negligence and ignorance.

Phone Use

Phone use is another ‘bad hat’ that causes accidents and which DSM addresses with its phone call- and texting detection.

AI Active Driving Assist depiction of driver drinking monitoring. Mobicam, Africa.

Your PA when it comes to fleet operations

Driver Monitoring

The system act as a visual wingman to protect the drivers. Real-time warning and event recording reduce the probability of accidents and exonerate drivers.



Implementation of an AI Active Driving Assist System reduces the probability of an accident and improve the sustainability of the insurance industry. A fleet with proven safety records can negotiate a more suitable cover by providing reliable data 

AI active driving assist and monitoring of driver distraction detection. Mobicam, Africa.
Driver monitoring: phone usage
Icons: AI active driving assist and monitoring. Mobicam, Africa.

Fleet Monitoring

The system provides real-time safety information for fleet management. It enhances management’s ability to see every important detail of the fleet’s daily operation.


Massive driver behaviour data can be used to set industry standards. This data can be used as the basis of driver selection and commercial driver license evaluation. 

Applications by Role

See fewer safety violations, improved driver behaviour, reduced accidents…

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