How Mobicam’s Telematics Solution Impacts Your Industry

From Live Observation to Concluding Insights

Our ever-progressing Vehicle Fleet Camera Systems can meet the needs and goals of companies and end-users across a wide range of enterprises.

Drive Change with Vehicle Telematics and -Video

to have a Tangible Impact on Your Business

Reduce driver-related accidents

Streamline fleet operations

Improve your customer service


Mobicam understands the importance of road transportation and the impact it has on any company. We acknowledge key factors such as driver behaviour, mobile surveillance and statistical reporting that will benefit the management process.

We utilize the latest in telematic resources. Telematic technology allows the sending, receiving and storing of video and audio information. It allows for live
streaming to enable you to observe in real-time what is happening in and around your vehicle. The unique opportunity that MobiCam offers will assist management in analysing data and recording statistics, creating solutions for ongoing concerns.

We believe that the Mobile Surveillance market is evolving and that MobiCam is well-positioned to successfully and completely accommodate the needs & requirements of your company.

Timelines and prompt delivery are fundamental to success in any business and even more in Logistics and Transportation. That is why we strive to present our clients with the best solutions to manage their fleet, optimizing efficiency and improving safety.